What room in your home could you absolutely not live without? With the exception of perhaps the bathroom, no room matters more to your family’s comfort at home than the kitchen. This room is often the heart of the home. And even if you don’t love cooking, your kitchen isRead More →


Spacious light blue kitchen I love bold color choices in the kitchen. Of course, a dusty blue might not be that bold for some of you out there who dare to play with colors, but to me it’s very inspiring. I love the way the soft blue combines with theRead More →

Kitchen with house plants

Of all the rooms in the house, the kitchen is my favorite for growing houseplants. You spend a lot of time there every day, making it easy to keep tabs on your plants, and the sink is right there, so you have zero excuses not to water them. Source: TheseRead More →

Each room needs a glamour and a touch of energetic playfulness, that will give a personality in the interior. Entering a vitality into the modern spaces is a tangible necessity nowadays when colours like white and grey dominate in most of the spaces. Source: Warmth In The Kitchen-15 Magnificent OrangeRead More →

Grey kitchen with brass and green marble

Grey kitchen with brass and green marble I think the material combination in this kitchen works out absolutely perfect. The light grey cabinet doors, combined with the brass handles, sink and tap have a very delicate look. All of this combined with the green marble however, brings this look to the next level.Read More →

Houzz Editorial Staff. Home design journalist writing about cool spaces, innovative trends, breaking news, industry analysis and humor. Houzz Editorial Staff. Home design journalist writing about cool spaces, innovative… MoreRead More →

Rustic New England Interior Design

As in fashion, styles in home decor are cyclical. Don’t expect to see a resurgence of avocado or harvest gold kitchen appliances anytime soon — or ever — but do expect brass hardware and fixtures to eclipse chrome. Note that today’s brass is unlacquered, not the shiny, polished material of days gone by.

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Nordiska Kök has created this open plan kitchen

In collaboration with Swedish fashion label Stylein, Nordiska Kök has created this open plan kitchen for the fashion label’s founder. Using the quintessential Scandinavian clean lines the space is composed in light ash, milestone countertops, pale green, and minimalist shapes. “The Nordic minimalism, the clean lines and soft colours areRead More →

Apartment in Torino

In the project designed by Unduo the living room and kitchen are a single environment conceptually divided by the line of pillars, along which there is also a sofa. The latter faces the living room, composed of a bookcase, a vintage armchair and a surprising yellow sideboard, and turns its back on the dining area, with a table and four different chairs, and the kitchen, made up of a black island and a wall with three built-in columns for a fridge, oven and pantry.Read More →

Small Kitchen with green grey cupboards and a green brick pattern splash back

When you have a snug space, you have to make every inch count with some smart layout tricks and storage solutions. Do that, and all of a sudden your 40-square-foot kitchen goes from meh to yay . Still need a bit of info? You’re in luck—we’ve got 10 amazing spacesRead More →

The Scandinavian interior design has become one of those styles that were brought into existence for practicality and yet they leaned on quite a lot longer because of their beauty. In the case of the Scandinavian kitchen interior, practical design is the absolute key to its increasing popularity. Source: 15Read More →

My friend Nancy DeVries and her husband Brad have lived in their house for 9 years and two years ago they embarked on an extensive renovation. They added a garage, renovated the kitchen and laundry room as well as extended the kitchen further into their backyard where it backs ontoRead More →

For many of us, the kitchen is the heart of the home — where you cook meals for your family, gather with friends, and do just about everything from paying bills to finishing up work and everything in between. So when it’s not working, for whatever reason, you really feelRead More →

We are always on the lookout for new trends that help redefine our homes and give them a seasonal upgrade that ushers in freshness. And one room of the house that demands the most attention in this regard is the kitchen. It is a space that requires the perfect balanceRead More →

Dering Hall is the premier digital publishing and content site for the design industry. A curated resource for discerning customers and high-end industry professionals, we provide insider access to the best in design stories and one-of-a-kind luxury products. Source: 15 Stunning Double-Height KitchensRead More →

Whenever you see a person in a movie struggle to survive in a very small apartment where the kitchen, bedroom, and living room are all in the same small space, it’s perceived as comical. But if it’s you or a close friend living in a microapartment, that humor quickly dissipates.Read More →

Pink is a gorgeous color, it has a lot of shades from the rightest to the most tender ones and can be used in literally any space – not only in girlish rooms. Pink is often incorporated into bedroom, closet, bathroom decor but we don’t see it often in theRead More →

Swedish kitchen company Nordiska Kök have created another beautiful kitchen, this time in collaboration with Scandinavian fashion brand Stylein . One of Sweden’s most beloved contemporary womenswear brands, it was nominated for Sweden’s most prestigious design award Guldknappen in 2017. Source: Nordiska Kök Bespoke Kitchen for Stylein Founder Elin AlemdarRead More →

8/6/18 DeVol has done it again with this beautiful black kitchen. called the ‘Chipping Norton Kitchen’ , its glamorous glossy black cupboards paired with those statement-making San Simone Quartzite worktops and beautiful hints of warm brass and copper look so chic. devol took their simple Shaker cupboards and painted themRead More →

Minimal kitchen with a rail I love the minimal look of this kitchen in white. There are high cupboards (or just an exhaust maybe) only on one side of the kitchen, which makes this setup light. The layout is balanced by these two chrome lamps above the left countertop andRead More →