We all know Amazon.com as a leading sales website, but what about browsing books in person? What’s perhaps lesser known is that the retail giant has bookstores across the country in a chain called Amazon Books. Having opened its first store in 2015, Amazon now has 15 stores from SeattleRead More →


  As we start the new year, instead of giving you an article to just read, I would like to provide a list of questions for you to ponder and reflect on. Why? Because we’re so caught up in our everyday lives, both personally and professionally, that we often forgetRead More →

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We scoured publishers’ catalogues, looked at upcoming galleys and asked for recommendations from a few prolific business book authors to get ideas for ten leadership books to watch for in the first half of 2019. (Avosb/iStock) Jena McGregor Reporter covering leadership issues in the headlines January 1 at 1:34 PMRead More →

My little feet padded down the basement stairs. The walls were lined with copies of National Geographic. I ran my fingers along the spines and pulled out a couple magazines. Settling into the couch, I spent some time sifting through pages and dreaming of future adventures. Source: 5 Essential LifeRead More →

The new year 2019 Goals Concept. Notepad with To do list and cup of coffee on the wooden table, top view, flat lay photo credit: Getty Getty Awareness is the ability to recognize and understand personal moods, emotions and drives and their effects on others. Source: The 10 Best LeadershipRead More →

A few months back, an article in HBR proclaimed the power of questions . It’s not a bad article, and it mentions lots of sensible things: more questions are better than fewer; some questions are better than others; open questions are effective, but there’s also a place for closed questions;Read More →

“…and the long and short of it is?” Sometimes, we feel compelled to prove how much research we’ve done, how much credibility we have and how thorough we’ve been by sharing every little detail. Problem is, when we do that, people tune out, and we lose the ability to influence.Read More →

Most designers, when presented with a leadership opportunity, leap into the role enthusiastically, unaware of the challenges ahead. That’s what an opportunity is, right? A new, uncharted frontier full of mystery and the just right set of circumstances? Source: The most important steps to becoming a great design leaderRead More →

Vishay Agarwal is out to use the experiences of himself and others to show how reaching the top of the corporate ladder requires much more than hitting financial targets. (Shutterstock) There is plenty of advice for people in leadership positions. Source: How Leaders Really Get To The TopRead More →

What keeps leaders up at night? What keeps leaders up at night? It’s a question that psychologist and author, Dr. Nicole Lipkin, has explored for the last five years. In her research, she’s found that despite great successes, leaders fall prone to several common missteps. Source: Top Mistakes Great LeadersRead More →

Some of the best experiences in my life have come from perceived failure. I use the term “perceived failure” because where others see failure as a roadblock to success, I tend to see it as a pathway to get there. Failing is about putting in your time and learning hardRead More →

Courtesy of David Peterson “The future always comes too fast and in the wrong order,” according to Alvin Toffler, an author and futurist. This is one of David Peterson’s favorite quotes, and he wants leaders and coaches to adapt. Source: Embracing The Future Of Leadership And CoachingRead More →

As I have tried to both persuade and coach corporate and NGO sustainability leaders of the beauty of social media engagement these past few years, a simple five-phase theory has emerged. I call it my 5 Ls of Social Leadership: Listen, Learn, Love Up, Leverage and Lead. Source: The 5Read More →

It is a New Year, new beginnings this time of year tends to magnify peoples loneliness.  There are many blog posts that enable people to function at their best.  This is 12 of them, enjoy;Read More →