woman under shower

There is nothing that feels more relaxing than a shower after a hard day’s work, it takes off all the fatigue and makes you feel a lot better. Before you get into this, are you a morning showerer or night showerer? Well if you are among those who have aRead More →

Close-up of coffee beans

If you are like any other coffee lover, there’s probably not one single day that goes by without you indulging in at least a cup of your favorite hot beverage. And once you have become quite the expert in different aromas, you may want all the coffees you drink toRead More →

After being introduced to the magical world of essential oils this year I have to say I am hooked. NO JOKE, you say! Ha. Read right to the bottom to find out how you get free oils. I have been determined to put myself in a state of happiness andRead More →

Ahh… Sangria, a classic summer time cocktail to close out/kick start your days under the sun (depending which hemisphere you’re in!) . You know what’s even better about sangria? It brings to mind a trip to Spain, whether you’re lucky enough to get to go on one or not! Source:Read More →

Imagine: You open up your closet and everything looks neat and tidy. It’s filled with pieces you love, and you can see all of your options for today’s outfits. This isn’t just a scene from “Clueless.” It can be your reality if you’re ready to employ a few closet cleaningRead More →

The children had a really nice idea to make a series of fish and a fishing rod as a fun little present for their little brother Téo for his 3rd birthday. We painted few cardboard sheets with a white primer before drawing the fish with chalk and pencils. Source: PaperRead More →

We just added these  glittery swizzle sticks  to the Oh Joy! shop because they are one of my favorite ways to quickly add sparkle to party decor and simply brighten every day. Here are five (creative) ways to use them… 1. Use them as gift toppers! Source: 5 ways toRead More →

The summer heat has me in the mood for ice cream lately (as if I need an excuse to eat ice cream)! Homemade ice cream is not only super easy to make, but I love getting to incorporate whatever flavors I want to create something unique. Source: Blackberry Cobbler IceRead More →

Sometimes all you want is a small change in your home that can make a big difference. But what most people don’t know is that the change doesn’t have to be in the decor of your home. Instead, you can try changing the ambient by crafting a few unique DIYRead More →

I know! We’ve all killed a few plants haven’t we? They are pretty affordable so don’t feel bad. I’d rather buy a house plant and get a few months out of it than buy something from Kmart for $20 only to throw it out or list it on my FacebookRead More →

With a flight almost every other week, I do a lot of packing. Getting that right means good luggage, ruthless editing, knowledge of how to fold, and somewhere to pack. Over the past few months I have been air-testing Louis Vuitton ’s Marc Newson -designed Horizon cases, which can nowRead More →

i love a root beer float so why not switch up the game and do a fruit juice float! we made these with vanilla ice cream but you could 100% do a dairy free option with coconut milk ice cream that would also be delicious. these barely require a recipeRead More →

Pets. We love them, and sometimes when we’re traveling, we don’t want to leave them. Whether it’s because your boarding situation isn’t ideal, or you just can’t imagine going on a vacation without them, you want to make sure you and your dog (or cat!) are prepared for a pleasantRead More →

When it comes to food photography, your goal is to capture the dish as well as possible while making sure it looks appealing. You want to entice the viewer to order or crave that dish. If you are new to this genre, here are a few tricks that may help you craft a better shot.Read More →

Design review for the simple life magazine

Design Review | Simple Things is a lifestyle magazine it is published monthly and “is all about taking time to live well.”  It features a mix of interior design, gardening, cookery and lifestyle and crafts.Read More →

Lush green, wheat yellow and rust brown star in this rural-inspired colour scheme that is quite contemporary.  I call it Country Cool.Read More →

I created these illustrations from a number of old newspapers from the 1960’s.  The images have been isolated from travel sections of newspapers.  They are lovely and clean when viewed on their own.Read More →

Mainbocher, spring 1958 collection: wool suit with a halter top of lace over shantung. Read more: http://www.fashionencyclopedia.com/Le-Ma/Mainbocher.html#ixzz3U4CoHidH

  Dedicated to the love of my life. Enjoying every trip we make together and full of anticipation to our first travel to Scotland in April. Btw. the title is from one of my favourite songs of all time. “Such Great Heights” from The Postal Service.Read More →

Black and White Street Photography It’s classic and it sets the style of a former time, black and white street photography brings up powerful images that sometimes have that status because of the lack of color. The mono tones tell us something different about the scene, leaving other things toRead More →

Yep, a Telephoto Lens for Landscape Photography! When photographers encounter the dreaded creative rut , it is often accompanied by feelings of panic or despair and an overwhelming drive to climb out of the merciless void that seems to have gobbled up all your creative energy. Source: Something Different: UsingRead More →