I feel like there’s a point in your life where you start sending holiday cards out from your own little family (furry kids or human kids included) and that’s how you really know you are an adult. We started doing cards with Todd and I and our cats 2-3 yearsRead More →


The patio is an integral part to your home’s outdoor areas. If you are looking to increase the outdoor appeal and start enjoying your time within the outdoor areas that belong to your property, you really need to look into improving your patio areas and if you don’t already haveRead More →

I’m not hosting Thanksgiving this year ( which I won’t lie, is a bit of a relief ), but just because you’re not in charge of the turkey doesn’t mean you’re entirely off the hook. You certainly don’t want to show up to your friends’ or family’s home empty-handed. Source:Read More →

When I told my husband that I was going to write an article about what to get rid of in the dining room, he said without out a breath of hesitation, “How about the dining room? ” It’s a bit of “A Subject” at our house because I inherited myRead More →

This cauliflower breakfast hash is inspired by something my sister-in-law, Kat, (from the wine posts ) made for our family one weekend at her cabin. What I love about it is it’s super delicious and flavorful while still being pretty darn healthy. Source: Cauliflower Breakfast HashRead More →

Everyone is stressed. Be it the in-laws, end of year deadlines, travel, or all the shopping, this is a time of year that just makes us crazy. And as hard as it is suffering from burnout ourselves, it’s even harder watching it in someone you care about. Source: How toRead More →

I know I am not the only one who dreams of living in a castle (France perhaps?), and I recently discovered a designer who is living my dream. Jorge Canete lives in a Swiss castle built in 1975 called le château de Saint Saphorin sur Morges and it truly isRead More →

Butler Armsden revisits the courtyard model popular to the early architecture of the Sonoma Valley region, with a home that spills into the valley environment while offering a refuge from it. When first arriving at someone’s home, it would seem only natural to look for the front door. Source: ValleyRead More →

I mentioned last week that Thanksgiving was all about keeping things simple for me. But that, of course, doesn’t mean neglecting the table. Rather, it means creating an atmosphere that feels cosy, casual, and ready for a feast. And, this year, we’re actually hosting Thanksgiving at our home! Source: FarmhouseRead More →

Beautiful grey home with a soft pink touch This beautiful apartment has a very soft look and this is mainly because of the mixture of the warm grey walls (or ‘greige’ like they call it, something in between grey and beige), minimal use of soft pastel colours and natural materialsRead More →

Walk into any store that calls itself a beauty supplier, and you’re met with a full aisle of options, from single-use sheets to a jar filled with charcoal that promises to “vacuum pores” and even masking sticks, whatever those are. Source: We Tested The 15 Buzziest Face Masks Of 2018Read More →

Style A Street Style With Janell Hickman 10 secondes ago by The Atelier We’re so excited to introduce you to Janell! She is a is a seasoned fashion and beauty writer, editor, and branding consultant with the coolest style, an obsession with turtlenecks, and the brightest spirit! Source: A StreetRead More →

One of the things I was most excited about was decorating Frankie’s room. I know, it’s kinda cliche that I love the idea so much, I mean it’s clearly for me rather than her – at 5 months I don’t think she notices at all! But if I’ve learnt anythingRead More →

When Kate was pregnant with our first kiddo, I wanted to do the best I could to help her out during her pregnancy, as well as prepare for being a father to Gus when he finally arrived on the scene. So I did what any 21st century dad-to-be would do:Read More →

When it comes to Christmas, there’s a lot of ‘noise’ on the web around gift giving. The last couple of years I’ve purposely been very selective with what I share, looking out for special pieces that are unique, sustainable, and tell a story. Source: The New Heirlooms | Gifts toRead More →

Style and décor know no boundaries, yet it can become a bit overwhelming when you’re working with a smaller room particularly a smaller kitchen. While most rooms can be reorganized and adjusted to your liking, when you first take a glimpse at a smaller kitchen you might become a bitRead More →

Back in the days, the living room was a vacant spot during the summer because everything happened on the porch. Air conditioning wasn’t available as we are now used to but people didn’t even need it. Why would you spend your days confined within 4 walls when you can doRead More →

Every day I get emails and messages asking “how to I buy doTERRA?” And there are a two ways you can do this so I thought I’d write a simple post today. To start buying any doTERRA items you need your own account. It’s super easy to set up! Source:Read More →

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When we talk about the onrushing crisis for our only planet, we mostly concern ourselves with the water. We talk about rising sea levels that threaten our cities or warming oceans that bleach coral reefs, or hurricanes that drop water in the trillions of gallons. Source: 35 Photos of theRead More →