Banana-fibre baskets and handwoven textiles feature in IKEA ‘s seventh Innehållsrik collection, made in collaboration with small-scale producers in India. The indigo-themed Innehållsrik collection is spearheaded by the Swedish brand’s IKEA Social Entrepreneurs initiative – a programme set up in 2013 to establish long-term partnerships with social enterprises that helpRead More →


One thing that’s avoided the January declutter is my plant collection. Because when it comes to plants, more is more! I could go on and on about the benefits of plants, but I think you guys know well enough how much they can improve not only the aesthetics of aRead More →

Those times when food was just food are long gone. Now chefs from around the world are trying to turn their masterpieces into art objects. Though some may think that the baked mutton chop looks much prettier and more appetizing these, but that’s a matter of taste. Source: 15 FoodsRead More →

  We could all benefit from living a healthier lifestyle. And today we’re going to go through 3 practical ways to do so. 1. Make Tryptophan Your New Best Friend According to the CDC more than a third of adults don’t get enough sleep. Source: 3 Simple Ways We CanRead More →

Lately, it feels like the most first world problem in my life is too many cardboard boxes! Between moving to a new home and the convenience of online shopping (lookin’ at you, Amazon Prime!), my recycling pile can get out of control. Source: Build a Toy Castle from Upcycled CardboardRead More →

How tidy could you keep your home if it was only filled with things you love? The KonMari method seeks to answer that question. Image: David Campbell Building We hope you like the products we recommend. Just so you are aware, Freshome may collect a share of sales from theRead More →

Now that the holiday season has passed, it is time to get your home in order. Cleaning after the holidays is certainly not the most fulfilling thing that you can do, but it is necessary nonetheless. But what if you want to change something this time and pick a natural,Read More →

I love the cosy and warm vibe in this turn of the century Swedish apartment. The rooms are painted in different shades of grey and the decoration and furniture were chosen in a very warm and natural palette. This combination of warm greys and natural materials looks amazing and createsRead More →

They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Well, we’ve found a few at least! Not just lunches but free cosmetics, holidays, tuition and cinema visits among other things. Because you don’t have to pay for everything It’s amazing how much you can get for free day-to-day ifRead More →

Prayer Plants: Calathea or Maranta? The last houseplant I bought for myself (and not for a client) was a prayer plant. What drew me to it? Well, I was intrigued by the striking multicoloured striped leaves, its smaller habit, and yes, the common name (because who can’t use a littleRead More →

Have you heard about how good tea is? If you are a human being, your answer is probably yes. People in cultures around the world have been well-attuned to the joys of a hot cuppa for millennia. They have also heard of how nice it is to “sleep” and “breathe”Read More →

Ring in the new year right, with the return of M. Night Shyamalan, Toro y Moi, “True Detective,” and more in Fast Company’s Creative Calendar for January. Years ago, Fast Company put together a statistical, 100% scientific analysis proving that January is in fact the weirdest month of the yearRead More →

The 10 Most Envy-Inducing Architectural Homes of Last Year Architecture by Sally Tabart The ‘Planchonella House’ by Jesse Bennett and interior designer Anne-Marie Campagnolo. Photo – Sean Fennessy. The ‘Planchonella House’ by Jesse Bennett and interior designer Anne-Marie Campagnolo. Source: The 10 Most Envy-Inducing Architectural Homes of Last YearRead More →

The patio is the key to the appeal of your home’s outdoor areas. If you do not have a good patio area that will provide you with all of the seating and lounging conditions then you won’t be able to enjoy the rest of the outdoor spaces that your homeRead More →

Garden statues

Think of them as art for your garden. Garden statues are the perfect accessory to enhance and intensify the intended mood of an outdoor space or sunroom. Whether you are looking to infuse your backyard with a bit of humour, balance the composition of your landscaping, or draw attention toRead More →

The Chinese money plant (or Pilea) is frequently featured in Scandinavian interiors, where its bright green pancake-shaped leaves provide an adorable and welcome burst of color against white walls. They’re said to be easy to grow, but if you’ve ever tried to find one of your own in a plantRead More →

This week, our companion site The Organized Home revisited its most-read posts of 2018—including a story on a family of four living (and thriving) in 600 square feet; smart advice from Marie Kondo; and a how-to on overhauling your pantry. Source: Trending on the Organized Home: Secrets to a Well-LivedRead More →

Cleaning Products Practising self-care is the millennial version of the old adage, “treat your body as a temple.” But what about our literal temples? If you’re someone who already strives to live an all-natural life when it comes to pesticide-free food and non-synthetic skincare, then making an effort to useRead More →

A great new book that’s out today is How to Be Alone: If You Want to, and Even If You Don’t by Lane Moore. Charting her rise from a rough childhood (she basically raised herself) to a creatively fruitful and dazzling career as a musician, writer, comedian, and host ofRead More →

Glamping prefabricated bungalow

Following spectacular growth within the prefabricated space, many home manufacturers are focusing their time and effort on the creation of marketable products that help consumers create their off-the-grid dream home with minimal effort. Source: Lushna Glamping Prefabricated VillasRead More →