Infinite Lines & Architecture of Hong Kong

nfinite Lines & Architecture of Hong Kong AoiroStudio Sep 04, 2018 Peter Stewart is a travel photographer based in Hong Kong. We are featuring his first project ever released on Behance. Entitled Stacked - Urban Architecture of Hong Kong, it's a collection of pictures and memoirs taken by Peter ever since 2013 and up until … Continue reading Infinite Lines & Architecture of Hong Kong


Typography for Everyone Makes Texts Much Easier to Read

If you, as a page owner, think you didn’t have to care about typography, you’re wrong. The legibility of your texts also depends on the typography. Thus, in the following article, I want to cover this typography for everyone. Naturally, typography has always been one of the most important elements in classic design. When studying … Continue reading Typography for Everyone Makes Texts Much Easier to Read

line layout with heading

Visual design tip – line containers used to highlight and contain text

I maintain a digital visual diary in which most days I try to spend some time looking a visual design technique used in all types of medium.  I have a subscription to Press Reader which allows me to access hundreds of magazines from around the world.  Any design elements that I like I take screenshots and snippets from magazines or websites that I visit.

Paragraph Spacing

As a web designer, do you take paragraphs for granted? Putting in little to no effort designing them? Using whatever built-in paragraph format your content management system provides? Relying on the defaults of your WYSIWYG web editor? Source: Paragraph Spacing