Leo Burnett London unveiled the follow-up to last year’s “ #ReindeerReady ” holiday spot for McDonald’s. The ad focuses on the ones actually doing the work pulling Santa’s sleigh and their vegetable snack of choice. An endearing 90-second shows Santa’s reindeer increasingly frustrated over the course of the night as houseRead More →


R/GA launched a “Bring Your Own Spirit” campaign for Constellation Brands’ Svedka vodka. Svedka’s first brand campaign in over five years for the brand, the campaign runs across broadcast, digital and social media, and launches today. Source: R/GA Launches First Brand Marketing Campaign for Svedka in Over Five YearsRead More →

It’s that time of year again. You’re walking through the aisles of the supermarket loudly exclaiming at the sheer amount of Christmas stuff that shouldn’t possibly be on sale yet. Michael Buble has just released yet another album, and Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ is blastingRead More →

True to her online moniker, Perfect Lazybones, travel photographer Tatiana Rysh specializes in documenting authentic, carefree moments of some of the most tourist-laden spots around the globe. We interviewed the seasoned adventurer about some of her best travel photography tips and experiences, and find out what it takes to captureRead More →

If you want your copywriting to be just like you bought it from the shop, it needs to be tight. But what does ‘tight copywriting’ really mean? Source: Tight copywriting: What is it and how can you get it?Read More →

Want to drive more traffic to your online portfolio? No matter what industry you’re in, mastering the basics of search engine optimization (more commonly referred to as SEO) will ensure you get as many potential clients as possible visiting your website—and, hopefully, buying from you or hiring you. Source: HereRead More →

Nonprofits may be grappling with tough subject matter and loads of financial data, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have a little fun with their marketing. We’re past the days of cold phone calls and mailers. The Internet and social media have emerged as the great equalizers of marketing—putting celebrities,Read More →

Having a well-designed website plays a big role in increasing traffic, building authority, and earning customer loyalty. The design of your website can attract or frustrate the people who visit the website which determines how much of your product or service you sell, how much viewership you earn (or lose),Read More →

2018 marks my 30 th year of self-employment as a consultant serving the design industry and here is the essence of what I’ve learned about the best way to market your creative services in the 21 st century. You will find the highest-quality clients and projects when: You know exactlyRead More →

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Marketing is a fundamental need for every business, organization, and individual looking for exposure. Why? Because visibility is typically at the forefront of the agenda and it’s one of the most effective ways of reaching your audience, however large or small. Source: 3 Top Hacks for Marketing SuccessRead More →

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Do you own a small business? If so, there is no better way to make your presence known than making a great website. Your website helps people find you on the web, allows you to interact with and provide information to customers, and increases your exposure around the world. Source:Read More →

Client meetings don’t just go one way. While your clients might come prepared with a list of questions for you, you’ll want to have some questions of your own. Here are the top ten questions you need to be asking your clients if you aren’t already. Source: 10 Questions YouRead More →

3 Smart Ways Businesses Owners Can Look “Bigger” Online Fighting tooth and nail to market your business but feel like just another face in the crowd? Don’t sweat it: you’re not alone. However, for business owners flying solo, the struggle is real to look bigger online. Source: 3 Smart WaysRead More →

Marketing a business locally generally follows a few tried and tested formats. You have probably placed adverts in the local press, community magazines, and perhaps paid for flyers and leaflets to be dropped through letterboxes. These techniques all work, but if you want to expand your business’s reach a bitRead More →

  Whether you’re just starting out after graduation, or you’ve been working for years, there’s one important question that you can ask yourself before you start job hunting. What is my unique selling point. Having a USP (sometimes also called a unique selling proposition) is a marketing term. Source: WhatRead More →

CANNES, France—The King’s in town … and last year’s Marketer of the Year is still a big draw. The line to hear from his minions stretched literally up a flight of stairs and around several corners. Is that really how much we love Whoppers, or have we all been successfullyRead More →

In the modern world of infinite distractions just one click away, it can be tough to really bunker down and stay productive . In fact, around 65% of workers today say they regularly surf the web for non-work-related reasons on their employer’s dime. Source: 5 Undercover Hacks To Jumpstart YourRead More →

On the occasion of Philippe Apeloig’s lecture “Abstract or not” at Mudam Luxembourg, Design Friends published a 24-pages catalogue in French and English. The interview was conducted by Arthur Dreyfus.Read More →