Just as fitness improves the body,  meditation trains the mind; however, numerous methods for mind exercise including the principle of meditation and its mastery exist in the public domain. The Buddhist custom likens the term “meditation” to the US sports. Source: How To Meditate – A Quick Guide to MeditationRead More →


  Screen time has earned its title as the enemy in recent years, and in many cases rightfully so. But while a mindless Insta-scroll isn’t gonna do your mental health any favours, there are ways to find relief on the screen. What if we used the devices we can’t seemRead More →

Just 10 minutes a day spent practising mindfulness meditation can improve concentration and the ability to keep information active in one‘s mind, a function known as “working memory”. The brain literally requires fewer brain resources to do tasks. Source: Mindfulness meditation: Ten minutes a day improves cognitive functionRead More →

De-stress – Get outdoors: Yes the weather outside is frightful, but that’s no reason to stay cooped up in the house or office. New Jersey is home to more than 50 state parks and numerous other sites for outdoor activities. On any smaller scale, a dose of fresh air canRead More →

One in five people in the UK become depressed at some point in their lives, according to the Royal College of Psychiatrists. In our culture of information overload, it’s important that you make an active effort to manage your stress levels to help prevent burnout. Source: 5 mindfulness apps toRead More →

Do you know what you’re getting your parents for the holidays? Oh, and whose house is the family dinner at this year? And what are you bringing? The year is over – did you do everything you wanted to, or miss out? The holidays can be stressful, filled with worriesRead More →

With origins dating back some 4,000 years in China, Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Gung (or Qigong) are based around the concept of Chi (sometimes spelled as Qi), the vital life energy which circulates through the body in channels called meridians. Source: Meditation in Movement: Tai Chi Chuan and ChiRead More →

I completely missed this review article by Posner and colleagues when it appeared, and am grateful for Bäumli’s mention of it in her recent brief essay, which gives this link for downloading it. It has a mind-numbing amount of information on research into the brain correlates of meditative practice and competence, summary tables, references, graphics.Read More →

I first tried to meditate not because of a genuine interest in Eastern spirituality or the free yoga class that left me feeling unmindful and non-flexible. No. My first attempt at meditation was out of utter desperation. I was quite sure that if I didn’t calm my mind, find someRead More →

For a thousand years, people have reported feeling better by meditating but there has never been a systematic study that quantified stress and how much stress changes as a direct result of meditation until now. U.S. Army Research Laboratory researchers spent a year collaborating with a team of scientists fromRead More →

Your Brain on Meditation, According to Neuroscience Inverse Full coverage Source: Your Brain on Meditation, According to NeuroscienceRead More →

Mindfulness Is Going Mainstream Because of Science

BREATHE IN, BREATHE OUT In a pristine office with huge windows overlooking midtown Manhattan, just steps away from the hustle and bustle of Penn Station, the transcendental meditation teacher Bob Roth sits not in flowing garb, Read More →

Now, more than ever, silence is golden – especially if you’re someone who makes a living through creativity. It’s little surprise that we’re seeing ever more ripostes to the “always on” culture catalysed by the digital revolution.

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Breathing Zone – sit back and relax as the animated breathing guide gently slows the pace of your breathing. Research indicates that it has been shown to lower blood pressure.I have been using the Breathing Zone application for several years.  What I particularly like about this application is that is simple, simple to use, simple to set up.Read More →

Zen professional web designer

Take a mindfulness break Mindfulness practise and meditation is an integral aspect of my working day. It has allowed me to take a softer and gentle approach to the way I design. As I create more space in my mind it changes the way I see. The following ‘curated content’Read More →