Bootstrap material design

This is a bootstrap 4 UI kit and website template inspired by Google’s material design. It is best suited for a business, agency, corporate, startup and portfolio websites. It is also easy to customize and comes with Sass files and organized code which makes it developer friendly. Source: Material DesignRead More →


Champagne berries are a super simple recipe that you can serve all on their own, alongside a cheese plate, or for toppings on a fancy toast or crostini. It’s so simple I’m not even 100% the word recipe applies. Champagne berries are the classy cousin of vodka soaked gummy bearsRead More →

Oficio is a meat-centric restaurant, a steakhouse of sorts. What makes it completely different from the steakhouse we featured yesterday, Mad Cow, is that the usual cliches (cows, cleavers, and the like) is completely missing in the brand execution. Source: Oficio Branding & Menu Design by Savvy AgencyRead More →