Like Architecture & Interior Design? Follow Us… If you’re going to go with a minimalist style in just one area of the home, then choose your home office. A clean and clearly organised workspace is conductive to great concentration and an uninterrupted workflow. Source: 37 Minimalist Home Offices That SportRead More →


after introducing several atypical products, such as headphones and smartphone , leica experiences more possibilities of product design — the german company reveals two models of watches , developed in collaboration with local manufacturer lehmann präzision gmbH. the new timepieces are designed with minimalist german chic and have a manual-windingRead More →

Formations is a minimalist object installation presenting at Art Athina Fair 2018 in Athens, Greece, created by Objects of Common Interest . Various unique, curvy-shaped elements of powder-coated steel form an ambiguous seating arrangement in the form of scattered freestanding objects. Source: FormationsRead More →

This monolithic concrete house in an affluent area of Porto presents a largely closed and robust facade to the street, but opens up on its side towards its garden. Architect João Vieira de Campos designed the building as a single-family home that replaces a derelict villa in the Serralves neighbourhoodRead More →

Minimalist Stockholm Summer House Combining the best of Japanese and Scandinavian design, the Stockholm Summer House is a minimalist coastal retreat. The timber-clad dwelling is located on an island in Sweden’s largest archipelago. Source: Minimalist Stockholm Summer HouseRead More →

Braun’s reissue of the AW 10 and AW 50 watches points to a growing appreciation for the horological design of the 1980s and 1990s, when Dietrich Lubs and Dieter Rams were at its forefront. Notably, the success of Nomos Glashütte’s interpretation of Rams’ principles and the new Carré H fromRead More →

The kitchen is done with sleek white cabinets, a simple table and chairs and toiches of emerald here and there, plus there are two pendant lamps over the table This creative colorful apartment belongs to a singer-songwriter and is very comfortable to create music while staying at home. Source: ColorfulRead More →

The summer is here and we are spending more and more time outdoors, so if you haven’t chosen proper furniture or want to change something, here’s a brilliant idea. The Voxel chair by Karim Rashid for Vondom is a bold minimalist chair made of a mono-bloc polyurethane with fiber glass.Read More →

Andhika Ramadhian is an Indonesian photographer and graphic designer from Bandung. With his bright colours and geometry close to optical illusions, the artiste creates extremely eye-satisfying stagings. The subjects’ simplicity highlights with humour and intelligence Andhika Ramadhian’s meticulous construction. Source: Andhika Ramadhian’s Bright Colours and Minimalist PhotographyRead More →

These cozy apartments may be small, but they emanate big style with their elegant finishes and multipurpose layouts. All white may work to highlight and expand some smaller spaces, but these humble abodes take small living in a different direction. Source: Two Small Apartments: A Blue Oasis of Minimalist LivingRead More →

Nendo created a eighteen minimalist objects collection inspired by the effects of watercolor on paper. These furnitures will spread a sense of harmony and light Source: A Minimalist & Watercolor Collection by Nendo DesignRead More →

Minimalist Web Design Project for Audio-Technica. abduzeedo Jun 07, 2018 Dmitry Kolesnikov posted a beautiful art direction and web design project on his Behance profile. It’s for Audio-Technica. The design is all about featuring the products. Source: Minimalist Web Design Project for Audio-Technica.Read More →

This is sort of like the corporate version of looking inside someone’s workshop to see what kind of nifty little jigs they’ve built for themselves to simplify production. Upon learning that some of their factory and logistics employees walk up to 12 kilometers a day inside their facilities, BMW’s GroupRead More →

Have you noticed that minimalism has been getting a lot of pop-culture air time lately? There is a palpable thirst for sustainable living, a throwback to authenticity, and a renewed focus on what really matters. The humble Google search confirms this, with searches for minimalismincreasing by a whopping 230% from 2016-17 worldwide. PhotoRead More →

With a stunning slick body, a great 5.5 inch LCD display, a fingerprint sensor, dual cameras on the back, a headphone jack, and all the makings of a great phone, the Blloc is exactly that. A great phone, but it’s a different great phone. Designed purely around simplicity and sustainability,Read More →

Name: Jack Schmitz , Christopher Thompson , and their Frenchie, Edie . Location: Hell’s Kitchen — New York, NY Size: 675 square feet, plus terrace Years lived in: Almost a year, renting For creative couple Jack Schmitz and Christopher Thompson, the search for their first apartment together ended up workingRead More →

Your bedroom should feel like a personal sanctuary, so it’s not surprising many of us like to keep ours simple and clutter-free. And while minimalist-style bedrooms can sometimes come across as cold and empty, we rounded up 25 pared down rooms that still appear quite warm and inviting. 1. Above:Read More →

Minsk , the capital of Bielorussia, is the background of a minimal restyling project by local studio ZROBYM Architects . Renamed ‘ Buddha Apartment ’, this minimal house had a fixed structure that did not allow to redistribute spaces. Source: Buddha Apartment, the minimal flat in Minsk  Read More →

Like Architecture & Interior Design? Follow Us… Each of the rooms in this modern Minsk apartment, located in Belarus, have their own sophisticated mid to dark colour palette. Designed by Zrobym Architects , the room schemes are simple but come textured with pattern: furniture upholstery, graphic rugs, sculptural chairs andRead More →

Unique Paintings Of Flora And Fauna

Based in Perth in Australia, it is under the pseudonym Amok Island that the Dutch artist signs his works. In his minimalist style mural paintings, he represents fauna and flora. In the neighbourhood of an Australian street, we can discover a giant turtle, a crab, an ultra coloured insect or even a scarab.Read More →