Julien Gaquère, alias Jigé , is a self-taught artist who works at the Jouret workshop in Roubaix. His drawings in multiple shapes and colors are sometimes figurative, sometimes abstract, where characters and strange animals intertwine. Source: Cute and Colorful Characters by JigéRead More →

Black minimalist house Paris

Built off-site using only sustainable materials, the 3Box92 House is a vertical extension of a 19th-century building. Source: 3Box92 Black Minimalistic House in ParisRead More →

Minimal Gotland Summer Home

This is the gorgeous summerhouse of Gabriella Gustafson, one half of the famous Stockholm-based design duo TAF studio . The creative lady imagined and built this getaway by the sea in northern Gotland, Sweden, for her family of five. Source: Peek Inside a Minimal Getaway in SwedenRead More →

berlin-based designer michael hilgers , usually known for his space-saving furniture and objects, has developed VANJOY, a minimalist, simple and functional campervan . the tiny house-on-wheels is a multifunctonal ‘travel tool’ that can be changed into a van or mobile office in just a few steps. Source: michael hilgers’ minimalistRead More →

Name: Jack Schmitz , Christopher Thompson , and their Frenchie, Edie . Location: Hell’s Kitchen — New York, NY Size: 675 square feet, plus terrace Years lived in: Almost a year, renting For creative couple Jack Schmitz and Christopher Thompson, the search for their first apartment together ended up workingRead More →

Your bedroom should feel like a personal sanctuary, so it’s not surprising many of us like to keep ours simple and clutter-free. And while minimalist-style bedrooms can sometimes come across as cold and empty, we rounded up 25 pared down rooms that still appear quite warm and inviting. 1. Above:Read More →

Minsk , the capital of Bielorussia, is the background of a minimal restyling project by local studio ZROBYM Architects . Renamed ‘ Buddha Apartment ’, this minimal house had a fixed structure that did not allow to redistribute spaces. Source: Buddha Apartment, the minimal flat in Minsk  Read More →

Like Architecture & Interior Design? Follow Us… Each of the rooms in this modern Minsk apartment, located in Belarus, have their own sophisticated mid to dark colour palette. Designed by Zrobym Architects , the room schemes are simple but come textured with pattern: furniture upholstery, graphic rugs, sculptural chairs andRead More →