14 Mosaics of Eustachi’s Anatomical Engravings

Artist and sculptor John T. Unger is familiar with great art projects. His most famous feature is probably his lighting bowl sculpture art, but he has been working on mosaic pieces for quite a while now. One of his most recent projects is the “ Anatomy set in Stone ” series. Source: 14 Mosaics of … Continue reading 14 Mosaics of Eustachi’s Anatomical Engravings


J. Piña drives with his Elsa to no man’s land

Source: J. Piña drives with his Elsa to no man's land

Halifax Multi-Tool

  The cool Mojave Jacket is a great alternative to the classic leather motorcycle jacket. Iron & Resin collaborated with Vanson Leathers to design and build the ultimate 3-season riding jacket. Made from 14 ounce waxed cotton canvas, the stylish jacket has Heirloom quality, is built to last, and ages beautifully. Source: Halifax Multi-Tool

9 more blocks…………..

Yesterday afternoon I cut 12 more Snail's Trail/Monkey Wrench blocks. I sewed 9 of them last night while I watched TV and added them to the three I showed yesterday with the die that I used. The name on the die is Snail's Trail, other people call it Monkey Wrench. Source: 9 more blocks..............