This was another client brief that was an assignment for Open Window. It was a requirement to do research behind the brand of the client and to create a new range of designs for the new flavours of the respective clients. Source: Route 62 Olive Oil AdvertisementsRead More →


Designed by:  The Sienthia Source: Design Mooncake PackagingRead More →

Designed by:  Mi Yang 100% Fresh juice from sexy salad store. Made the package design, the style is simple and fresh. There are six fruit juice flavors. Apple, orange, grapefruit, mix berry, coconut, watermelon. Source: 100% Fresh juiceRead More →

Plum barrique distillate branding and packaging

Czech plum distillate is a well known traditional alcoholic beverage. It has no colour, just a plum flavour. Few years ago the manufacturer decided to age a batch of an extra quality distillate in barrels made off white French oak. An excellent plum beverage has appeared. Thanks to long-term agingRead More →

Mustard branding and packaging

Designed by:  Bushido studio créatif Art Direction, Branding, Package Design, Photography & Advertising we did for Gourmandise Allemande Mustards. Source: Moutardes Gourmandise AllemandeRead More →