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Your personal brand’s website is your calling card to attract loyal followers —an unexpected cyber attack can cost you both time and money. What types of activity are you currently monitoring from the back end? Your brand can increase your security level and help prevent an attack with the rightRead More →


As any respectful designer knows, there’s an art and science behind every single piece of packaging. From wine bottles and tins to jars and boxes, the chosen colour palette, the typography, the choice of materials and what’s actually written and conveyed on every label – they all play an incrediblyRead More →

Does your portfolio need a makeover? Do you want to give it a fresh, exciting look that also showcases your personality? From adding passion projects to creating tutorials, there are many ways to pump up your portfolio. Source: 3 examples of awesome motion design portfoliosRead More →


There is no secret recipe for creating the perfect portfolio. You’re in full control and can decide which designs you include, what you say about those designs, and how often you update your portfolio. This level of freedom can certainly be exciting, but also a little daunting. Source: 4 illustrationRead More →

Your portfolio is full of polished images—you’re a designer, after all. And the copy? Well, that doesn’t matter, right? Potential clients are impressed by your amazing designs alone. So you jot down a quick explanation of who your clients are and why they hired you, and leave it at that.Read More →

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Thanks to the internet, age or location doesn’t mean much for a graphic designer anymore. In fact, most creatives don’t mention their age in their design portfolio and work with clients far from their hometown. So it’s always a delight when you’re blown away by someone’s work and realise they’reRead More →

The easiest way to build an awesome portfolio site is through WordPress. The open source WP community makes it so easy to find help, install a sweet theme and even find a free plugin to handle your portfolio. It’s all a part of designing a great site. Source: Top 10Read More →

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Crafting an awesome portfolio website is no easy task. But it’s a necessity for creatives who want to share their work, land jobs and get their name out in Google. If you’re not sure how to design a great portfolio then this guide will help. Source: A Guide To UsableRead More →

Uncode features unique website and page-building capabilities. They are derived from the fact that our world is very much a visual world. The human brain processes text at roughly the same rate as we can read. It also can process information contained in images more than 4 times faster. ThatRead More →