IKEA launches its first range of speakers

IKEA has made its first venture into audio products with a collection of Bluetooth-enabled speakers named Eneby. The Scandinavian furniture giant will release its Eneby speakers in two sizes later this month. Each feature fabric-covered fronts, with a simple circular dial detail that has a small light to indicate when the device is powered up. … Continue reading IKEA launches its first range of speakers


Positions of Power: Photographs that explore who and what holds power today

A bold new exhibition opening this month at Liverpool's Tapestry Gallery tackles issues of power in a series of diverse compelling photographs. Disparity Collective's #Positions of Power examines both direct and sometimes unconventional pow

Alva skog illustrations

Bold and diverse illustrations that challenge inequality and racism by Alva Skog ( Creative Boom)

"Illustration is a way for me to communicate, express and question ideas and ideals. For me, illustration and art is a powerful (political) tool and I want people to reflect on things that we might ignore, such as gender inequality and hidden racism," says Alva Skog .

5 Tips for Creativity

While everyone is born with an inexhaustible well of creativity, many of us lose the ability to use this gift because we no longer practice it.  Exceptionally creative individuals are not necessarily smarter in fact research suggests that they do not score higher on intelligence tests.  Creative adults are curious, energetic, spontaneous, independent, individualistic and uninhibited. … Continue reading 5 Tips for Creativity

Ecology Icons

Ecology Icons Iconfinder . Instagram . pinterest Source: Ecology Icons

The Dukes.

Personal project, shot at studio using scale car model and doing effects on camera. Source: The Dukes.

Confidence in Self

Mercury and Weekly Courier (Vic. : 1878 - 1903), Saturday 22 February 1879, page 3 ALL human power, to be available, must be associated with a certain degree of self-confidence. Many a timid child postpones his first attempt at walking simply because he lacks the courage to exercise an ability which he fully possesses, and … Continue reading Confidence in Self