The best gear, gadgets and garments for your bespoke bicycle in 2018

With the Tour de France fast approaching, cycling is spinning onto our screens and into our consciousnesses in a big way. We’ve scoured chic cycling stores and be-spoke boutiques the world over to find the latest and greatest outerwear collections and a range of slick cycling accessories that mean there’sRead More →


A lot of excitement revolves around optimizing packaging for e-commerce. But what about optimizing products? Nick Gunia, the co-founder/CEO of Cleanyst, intends to do just that with his new reusable packaging platform for personal care and cleaning products. Source: Cleanyst: The intersection of sustainability and ecommerce optimizationRead More →

  Less, but better. An illustration of Dieter Rams Dieter Rams is one of the most influential designers alive today. He spent most of his career as head of design at Braun, where he worked for 40 years. His name has become synonymous with modern product design. Source: 11 lifeRead More →

  Cutting edge materials meet high design to combine form and function. For a brand steeped in history, craftsmanship, and classic Italian design, Officine Panerai has not been shy about embracing a technology-enabled future. In recent years, the watchmaker has made a point of experimenting with materials, smashing expectations alongRead More →

Product Design has undergone quite some change in the years gone by. From being a highly physical design field to being adapted for the digital world, there has been an evolution that incorporated product design into our everyday life quite seamlessly. Source: Five major trends shaping Product DesignRead More →

Are you even a designer if you don’t constantly fight the compulsive need to buy any pretty looking stationery you see, only to give in after a few moments? That got real, didn’t it? Well, I’m fighting the compulsive need to buy myself the Sidekick notebook, designed by the guysRead More →

Podium is a collection of vases which play with the sculptural quality of balance. Combining solid marble with transparent glass, they continue Lee Broom’s fascination with bringing together opposing materials to create playful yet elegant pieces. Source: Podium by Lee BroomRead More →

Wristwatches define a man’s character. A man sporting jewelry is not taken half as seriously as a man adorning a classy watch. Watches exude persona and character earning respect for the wearer. A man wearing a wristwatch displays discipline, diligence, and good taste. Source: 50 Best Black Watches for MenRead More →

This little projector takes ‘compact’ to a whole new level! Clever, space-saving design matched with a minimalistic approach, gives us a device that takes up limited space. Simply pop it into your bag and carry it with you! The rectangular design is interrupted when the remote-control is removed from aRead More →

Dutch product designer Luuc Muis takes pleasure in the finer things in life—incredible craftsmanship, technology, a good steak and everything about riding a motorcycle. That’s why his innovations are not only sleek but also include attention to every sensory detail. Source: Dutch Designer Unveils Shocking Custom BMW R80Read More →

Beautiful amazon echo wall clock with timer

  Get your IoT game up with the new Echo wall clock from Amazon. Besides being a stylishly minimalist wall clock that is easy to read, the clock has 60 LED displays that let you visually track the timers you have set through your Alexa device. $30 BUY IT $30Read More →

The Volume and Void Collection emerged through the process of peeling away layers to discover inner volumes. By pushing and pulling material and staggering the proportions, movement of the eye is created and a unique view is offered from every angle. Source: Trataka by Farrah SitRead More →

Lidl Kitchen Range

Bright, colourful appliances are quickly making a huge comeback and we are completely here for it! While having a lime green refrigerator might make most cringe or think back to the 60s, these blast from the past is coming in hot. Source: Are You Ready To Incorporate Colorful Appliances?Read More →

Bamboo wood Bluetooth speakers

If you fancy a neat retro Bluetooth speaker that could also work as a warm wooden accent for your room, check out the Bongo speakers. It is Amazon Echo friendly and can seamlessly connect with them. Source: Product Of The Week: Retro Bamboo Wood Bluetooth SpeakersRead More →

  As the leading showcase of furniture, lighting and interior products from across the globe, 100% Interiors features a comprehensive collection of some of the best specialist furniture makers and manufacturers internationally. Here, we highlight just some of the new launches and attention grabbing collections debuting at this year’s show.Read More →

There are so many tricks to open jars, such as holding it under water or leaving it upside down for 10 seconds. However, do we really need these tricks? Or should we just invest a jar opener and have some worry-free time when we are busy preparing family dinner, atRead More →

It’s an easy version of Intrecciato woven wallet. I recorded it slowly for following easily. If you need a pattern, please leave your email address on youtube comment. If you have any questions, please leave them in a comment too. Source: Intrecciato Woven CardcaseRead More →

Star Trek has fascinated many of us for many decades and now these Star Trek themed products and gadgets are here to be a part of our daily lives. Star Trek TNG Corridor Door Cover : The Star Trek TNG Corridor Door Cover lets your transform your interior door toRead More →

These vegetable peelers look like giant pencil sharpeners , well, the design was inspired by that classic pencil sharpener, except that now it is called up to handle veggies. Karoto 2 is a set of vegetable peelers that consists of Karoto and Karoto Julienne . Source: Karoto 2 Vegetable PeelersRead More →

Pre-War Motorcycles: Photos by Paul Clifton UK-based lifestyle photographer Paul Clifton beautifully captures the striking aesthetic of vintage motorcycles. More photography inspiration via Behance Industrial Design Photography Vehicle Design Posted on September 3, 2018 Source: Pre-War Motorcycles: Photos by Paul CliftonRead More →