The Subdued Beauty of London’s Brutalist Architecture

Ali Sahba is a freelance designer from Hamburg whose love for working on colourful and fun projects shines through in his photographic series, Brutal London. Maintaining a minimalist aesthetic, Sahba unearths the stark lines and geometry of Brutalist architecture around London. He presents each image in subdued tones, setting them against pastel-coloured backdrops. Concentrating on a … Continue reading The Subdued Beauty of London’s Brutalist Architecture


Futuristic Macao – Hotel Morpheus

There is a new dream in the City of Dreams in Cotai, Macao, a luxury resort created to accommodate a small proportion of the 32 million tourists that visit the former Portuguese colony every year. It’s the hotel Morpheus, and it was designed by Zaha Hadid Architects. Source: Futuristic Macao

7 Bonne Annee French Images – Kids & Ladies!

Today, I have a gathered a fun collection of our 7+ Bonne Annee French Images – FREE to you. There are 3 cute children New Year postcards to start us off. Every one of these vintage images of children is just adorable. I have adjusted one so you can add your personal greeting as well. … Continue reading 7 Bonne Annee French Images – Kids & Ladies!

TANO House / Eduardo RamĂ­rez Urrea

The architectural objective was to achieve the maximal optimization of land which is 200 square metres (2,152 square feet), which would promote cohabitation as a family and at the same time, offer intimate spaces with the privacy required for each of the family’s daily activities, taking care of the relationship with the exterior, so the … Continue reading TANO House / Eduardo RamĂ­rez Urrea

Balloon Mockup Free PSD

This balloon mockup will make you feel good

This is a free balloon mockup which is great for showcasing your design projects related to various celebrations such as birthday party, anniversary, new year party, valentines day, Christmas, invitation and other festival celebration etc.