Champagne berries are a super simple recipe that you can serve all on their own, alongside a cheese plate, or for toppings on a fancy toast or crostini. It’s so simple I’m not even 100% the word recipe applies. Champagne berries are the classy cousin of vodka soaked gummy bearsRead More →


Reposted from Food52 There are four groups of food, according to Buddy the Elf: candy, candy, candy maize and syrup. There is a fifth, however, in my opinion: Sugar cookies. After I covered the halls with holly boughs and rocked around the Christmas tree in December, it’s time to fireRead More →

Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Slice tomatoes thick, about 1/4 inch. Salt and pepper the tomatoes and let sit. This will dry off some of the liquid in the tomato and prevent the finished galette from being too soggy. On a floured pastry board (I use a sifter toRead More →

Ahh… Sangria, a classic summer time cocktail to close out/kick start your days under the sun (depending which hemisphere you’re in!) . You know what’s even better about sangria? It brings to mind a trip to Spain, whether you’re lucky enough to get to go on one or not! Source:Read More →

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Hamburger Recipe - Jing Zhang

Jing Zhang recipe illustrations explore a unique and fun way to show a recipe as well as the completed dish.Read More →