Resilience: the skill we all need to survive (Hibbing Dailey Tribune )

Every living thing around us knows resilience. The snow-speckled maple out our window went dormant for the long cold winter, ready to release sap and resume life come spring. The chickadee stands on thin, nearly bloodless legs, all so these spritely little birds may flit among the branches no matter how cold the air.

Cat to lion resilience

How to Unlock Your Inner Resilience

We all can think of someone in our lives we view as being “resilient.” They are the people who impress us with their endless ability to carry on, no matter the situation. We admire them and wonder what it is that makes them able to cope so well. Source: How to Unlock Your Inner Resilience

Are You Resilient? Your Brain May Hold the Answer

A groundbreaking research study of healthy young adults recently published in Personality Neuroscience by Cambridge University Press examined the associations among the prefrontal cortical regions of the brain , personality traits related to resilience , and symptoms of anxiety and depression . Source: Are You Resilient? Your Brain May Hold the Answer

12 Positive psychology posts for resilience

It is a New Year, new beginnings this time of year tends to magnify peoples loneliness.  There are many blog posts that enable people to function at their best.  This is 12 of them, enjoy;