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  For many years if website owners wanted a site that could be viewed on mobile phones or tablets, they had to have several sites, one for PCs and others for the mobile devices. This was always a problem, and generally, the mobile sites were never as good as theRead More →

Most websites using responsive design are using it incorrectly, which leads to problems.  The general approach to responsive design is a lazy one, and if you take that approach, some of your responsive sites will work absolutely flawlessly, and many of them won’t.  For those that do work perfectly, itRead More →

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Responsive web design has been all the rage for a while now. When you consider all the benefits it brings to the table for any website owner, it’s no wonder that people can’t stop talking about it. A responsive website not only helps you rank better in search engines, butRead More →

We’ve all experienced trying to load a webpage on our mobile phones and seeing lousy formatting or too small texts. This is a website that has not been designed to be a responsive media. Most of us have a lifestyle where we are always on the go and can’t stop toRead More →

Responsive web typography is tough – you need to have both design chops and technical know-how. But however tricky it might be, getting it wrong isn’t an option, because typography is the cornerstone of web design. How do you get both the design and code right? How do your developers communicateRead More →

11 powerful examples of responsive web design

Back in 2010, Ethan Marcotte urged designers and developers to practice “responsive web design” (RWD): “Rather than tailoring disconnected designs to each of an ever-increasing number of web devices, we can treat them as facets of the same experience.Read More →

I am finishing off a website template that I  have been building.  The website is for dog obedience training, and I am in the process of testing it responsiveness.  Responsive web design is an approach to web design that responds to user’s behaviour based on the device or the screenRead More →

Here is how the responsive version of the “Contact Us” page looks like. Use this link to view the desktop version. The idea is simple – to show the most important information within the screen of portable device and make it look nice. Source: Responsive version for the contact pageRead More →

Add to Safari The Viewport Resizer is a plugin that can be added to the Safari browser that helps one test the responsiveness of their website. I use this tool during the web design process to make sure that my various breakpoints have been correctly configured. Check Screen sizes AtRead More →