Art Sculptures: Patricia Piccinini is one of the most well known Australian contemporary artists. Piccinini graduated from the College of Fine Arts in painting Economic History, having a wide range of interests, from sociology to technology and computer graphics. read more Source: 30 Most Controversial Art Sculptures by Patricia PiccininiRead More →


Based in Bristol, Phil Young is an artist and circus performer. His works require a complex process, yet, gives a fascinating and original result. To do this, he first uses power tools to rough out the shape. A first step followed by days of work to obtain a smooth andRead More →

Lining the 20-kilometre path of the De Stijl Cycle Route in the central Netherlands are ten new sculptures from Boris Tellegen aka Delta. Commissioned to celebrate the 100 anniversary of the Neoplasticism artistic movement, the unique columns measuring 55 cm on each side and rising more than 6.5 metres inRead More →

Artist Kiko Miyares carves and colours stretched, distorted sculptures of the human figure. The Spanish sculptor often focuses on the head and shoulders of his subjects, with each bust combining realistic renderings of facial feature with a dramatically narrowed shape that makes the works appear to be squeezed or warped.Read More →

Dubbing himself an “artist of Absent Matter,” Italian sculptor Edoardo Tresoldi continues to grow and develop his technique. Through the use of wire mesh, he’s able to mold incredible installations that have found homes around the world, from Abu Dhabi to Paris. Source: Interview: Artist Unveils Architectural Wire Mesh SculpturesRead More →

Detroit-born artist Noah Deledda turns trash into treasure by transforming old aluminium cans into sculptures. Made entirely by hand, the artist uses his thumb to create dents and creases in the disposable object’s surface, resulting in incredible three-dimensional sculptures adorned in flawless, geometric patterns. Source: Artist Transforms Discarded Aluminum CansRead More →

The headquarters of Facebook, Apple and Google feature in this series of relief sculptures by artists Ben Langlands and Nikki Bell. Langards & Bell has created reliefs of several technology company’s headquarters including the Foster + Partners-designed Apple Park in Cupertino The artists, known collectively as Langlands & Bell, createdRead More →

Orbiforms are interesting for the way they stand at the intersection of science and fun, like a slinky, or a Newton’s cradle. They’re engaging, handsy, and boost attention while relieving stress. What are they specifically? They’re constant-width solids… or solids that aren’t completely spherical, but roll as smoothly as aRead More →

Pink sculptured wall

In 2016 sculptures by the artist Fred Sandback were exhibited in buildings designed by the famous architect and Pritzker Prize winner Luis Barragán. Entitled The Properties of Light, the on-site installation became a sensitive dialogue between the two creative disciplines – one that is now celebrated in a new bookRead More →