Sexual Activity Increases One’s Mood And Sense Of Meaning In Life

Positive psychology focuses on the aspects of our psychology that make us happy , that gives us fulfillment, that makes life worth living, that give life meaning. Having fulfilling relationships, displaying gratitude, having self-compassion, and showing generosity and compassion to others are often cited as things which give people a positive outlook on life.


15 Great Reader Comments on Sex

For our best reader comments series, we’d love to have some girl talk. Here are 15 funny, steamy comments on everything from scheduling sex to what really happens on wedding nights… On knowing what works for you: “From water pressure and electric toothbrushes as a teenager to my bullet now, I’ve been grateful to have … Continue reading 15 Great Reader Comments on Sex

Erotic Mehndi model sitting on bed

“Erotic Mehndi”: The Incredible Henna Art By Mary Ginkas

Erotic henna is a new form of art that celebrates the feminine body, highlighting the natural beauty of women, usually done around the chest, belly, legs and back, it became popular when the work of the Russian henna artist Mary Ginkas

Alva skog illustrations

Bold and diverse illustrations that challenge inequality and racism by Alva Skog ( Creative Boom)

"Illustration is a way for me to communicate, express and question ideas and ideals. For me, illustration and art is a powerful (political) tool and I want people to reflect on things that we might ignore, such as gender inequality and hidden racism," says Alva Skog .

Durex: Trump

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