How to use my Stencil Collection to create pattern

I created the designs in my Stencil Collection to be diverse in style and to work perfectly as on their own, as well as together. I love creating new unique patterns by overlapping one, two or three different stencils. This overprinting is one of my favourite techniques ā€“ and today Iā€™m sharing my top tips … Continue reading How to use my Stencil Collection to create pattern


Streets: Banksy (New York)

Taking his turn at one of the most highly regarded mural walls in the United States, Banksy (or Borf on his behalf, as mentioned in some media) decided to paint an explicit, politically charged piece. With almost no references to his previous or recognizable work, without any hidden messages or beating around the bush, he revealed the new piece on his official Instagram:

Magical Rainbow Roads by Daniel Mercandantes

Photographer and filmmaker Daniel Mercadante know how to bring colours and magic to dull landscapes. He is painting rainbow pathways using light and long exposure that he then captures on camera. Could you imagine where those lit and colourful roads could lead you?

Stencil Art – plumber on a wall

I noticed this stencil when Maria and I went for a walk a couple of Sundays ago.Ā  It is located on the wall of the building at St John St, Newtown and King Street.