I took this picture of a black-and-white stencil the other day while walking the dog.  AdvertisementsRead More →

Mural Simmons Street

I was taking Toby for a walk the other day and I noticed mural on Simmons Street in Newtown.  Including the obligatory couch and fan.  Read More →

I am dog walking for a friend, and it provided me with the opportunity to explore some of the local Redfern street art.  A couple of pieces were on Cleveland Street, and I have never been able to get an opportunity to get a photo, until now… Enjoy…Read More →

I noticed a new piece of street art walking the dog this morning. A rather eclectic piece, I like the girl in the middle. A Study in Blue   Serpent with Blue Dots Please do not hesitate to Get in TouchRead More →

This photo was taken in Goddard Street at Newtown.  I think the poor little fellow not only loves his mother but misses her as well. I am not sure of my mythology with this bewitching siren.  She caught my notice on Whitehorse the street not the steed.Read More →