Sodapop Speaker

This compact Bluetooth speaker screws onto the top of an empty plastic soda bottle, turning it into an acoustic enclosure, and increasing its bass response and volume up to three times. Permafrost’s speaker recently had a successful run on Kickstarter and should be available soon. Source: Sodapop Speaker


Inception Desk Organizer/Dish Rack

Named in reference to the city-bending scene in Inception , Seletti’s playful creation is a miniature 3D model of Manhattan made of silicone. You can use it to organize dishes or documents. It’s available in blue, gray or pink. Source: Inception Desk Organizer/Dish Rack

Pirani Party Tumbler

Brandegee Pierce wanted to make a dent in our increasing reliance on plastic. So he came up with a reusable party cup. But that’s not all. The Pirani Party Tumbler is also vacuum-insulated, so it will keep your drinks hot or cold for hours. Source: Pirani Party Tumbler