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Around 2015 or so, adult colouring books arrived on the Amazon bestseller list , and haven’t left since. The response was polarizing: Kate Middleton was reportedly a fan at one point, but Quartz dubbed them America’s “cry for help .” Forbes called them the “dark horse of publishing” that year.Read More →

Horizontal shelves containing neatly arranged kitchen objects.

Sometimes all you need to declutter your space is a new frame of mind. Sounds easier said than done? Not so fast. Take a look at some of the best lessons we learned this year about how to live with less. 1. Tape can be a useful tool in deciding what to keep You need to purge, but you might need that gigantic waffle maker at some point.Read More →

beautiful bloom blooming blossom

Take advantage of the tulip season, and learn the dos and don’ts for making them last longer and look their best. #1: Water is Life Plentiful clean water is pretty important to these pretty little flowers. Source: 5 Things Fresh Tulips Need to Look Good and Last Longer  Read More →

This Tiny Vacation Home Packs a lot of Luxury Into a Small Amount of Space

Mandalaki Design Studio ‘s stunning seaside micro dwelling, the Monocabin. The sleek tiny home is basically the Greek getaway of every minimalist wanderluster’s dreams. For starters, the 270 square-foot-space sits near the Aegean Sea on Rhodes Island, but believe it or not, the prime location isn’t the only blissful architecturalRead More →

De-stress – Get outdoors: Yes the weather outside is frightful, but that’s no reason to stay cooped up in the house or office. New Jersey is home to more than 50 state parks and numerous other sites for outdoor activities. On any smaller scale, a dose of fresh air canRead More →

Interior design for a therapy practice

Many people gravitate towards therapy during times of crisis, so why are most therapy offices loud, awkward and uncomfortable? This is something I’ve experienced personally when I tried out therapy in college. My therapist’s office was filled with stark white walls, office furniture, obnoxious sound machines and plenty of awkwardRead More →

Sad news, queens: Broad City’s next season is its last. Set to air in early 2019, the Comedy Central show will end after its fifth season. ” Broad City has been our baby and first love for almost ten years, since we started as a web series,” creators, stars, andRead More →