Interior of Tiny House caravan

2018 just might have been the year of tiny house saturation, and I’m okay with that. There are a number of HGTV shows on small space living, and every time you scroll through Instagram, it feels like yet another cute couple or family has decided to renovate a bus orRead More →

This Tiny Home is Only 238 Square Feet But Packed to the Brim With Interior Design

The whole point of a tiny home is to cut down on size, but still have an optimal living space, right? Many tiny home designers have to get creative when making the layout of their home. But they don’t always manage to include interior designs that everyone would enjoy. Source:Read More →

A yellow two door Japanese micro kitchen with black interior shelving

We live in the era of tiny homes and micro-apartments, a global trend that’s only growing in urban areas as we all search for affordable housing. In turn, the American kitchen as we know it is poised for a makeover–from the giant, steel-clad, HGTV-approved wonderlands of the McMansion era, toRead More →