Part of honing your skills as an artist involves learning how to draw the world around you: animals, people, landscapes and so on. The other part involves getting to grips with art techniques – mastering composition, light, shadow and so on.Read More →

Tilt Shift Photography: How to Take Tilt Shift Photos

What is tilt-shift photography? Tilt-shift photography is an increasingly popular photography technique that makes real-world scenes look like miniature scenes similar to what you find in a railroad model or a miniature holiday scene.Read More →

Are You Choosing the Right Font for Your Website?

Are You Choosing the Right Font for Your Website? There is an art to choosing the right font to suit the tone and style of your website. Have you ever seen a website where the font choice just seemed off? On the other hand, there are times when a font seems to perfectly match the tone of the design.Read More →

So, what is UI design? This question arises whenever you tell a non-design person what you do for a living. You’re in charge of creating beautiful user interface designs, and in the future, this role will only become more and more important for you!Read More →

How to Create Better Typography Based Designs

In days gone by, books were originally handwritten by monks in monasteries. Later on, they were created out of wooden or metal type, which was used as a part of a printing process. Using typography, therefore, has a long legacy. In a world where many focus on a drop-down menu and the size of a font,…Read More →

Creative copywriting

Copy is the written word.  In websites, copy plays an important part because upon it shoulders, often slender so far as space is concerned, falls the responsibility of turning the curiosity or interest aroused by the picture and “layout” into conviction. Read More →

Dark UX : Dirty Tricks and Tactics to Avoid in 2017 SitePoint Like most people, I was glued to my screens the night of November 8, 2016. The New York Times was my go-to media outlet for election results; after all, I trust its information more than any other sourceRead More →


The Ultimate Guide for Color Theory for Photography: Photo Editing and Shooting Tips Fstoppers Aside from color having a profound impact on any given scene, color has its own luminosity values as well, making it color theory something to pay close attention to before your next shoot. Source: The UltimateRead More →