Cutting edge materials meet high design to combine form and function. For a brand steeped in history, craftsmanship, and classic Italian design, Officine Panerai has not been shy about embracing a technology-enabled future. In recent years, the watchmaker has made a point of experimenting with materials, smashing expectations alongRead More →


Brooklyn-based design studio Anton & Irene is known for designing digital experiences for various clients, including The Met, Spotify, Google and Netflix. Anton & Irene’s diverse digital design portfolio is one for the books, but something a little different on their website caught our eye. Source: Anton & Irene’s NU:RORead More →

novem moon phase chronograph watch layout

We’ve covered our fair share of watches at YD, and as a design website, a lot of it doesn’t boil down to feature lists, but to how the watch aesthetically presents those features… because regardless of how good a watch is, it only connects to its users through aesthetics and emotional design.Read More →

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after introducing several atypical products, such as headphones and smartphone , leica experiences more possibilities of product design — the german company reveals two models of watches , developed in collaboration with local manufacturer lehmann präzision gmbH. the new timepieces are designed with minimalist german chic and have a manual-windingRead More →

Timeless watches that become unique thanks to the interchangeable straps, handcrafted with the most exclusive fabrics of clothing and high-quality furnishing. The peculiarity of IT’S Watch is not only in the originality of the tailor-made straps, but above all, in the ease in which they can be changed, simply byRead More →

A vintage pilot watch acquired for the Longines museum inspires a winning reinterpretation. BY STEPHEN WATSON April 18, 2018 Even Longines president Walter Von Känel was taken off guard when this chronograph took home the Revival Prize at last year’s Grand Prix d’Horlogerie. In retrospect, we shouldn’t have been soRead More →

Which are the most luxurious watches in the world? Among hundreds existing expensive watch brands we can highlight 25 really luxurious watch brands. As a rule, these brands produce luxurious watches for over a hundred years and continue to do this successfully nowadays. For example, legendary watch brand Audemars PiguetRead More →

When considering the most common colors of a watch dial, the mind undoubtedly goes to black or steel, perhaps blue or maybe an off-white. As for cases and bezels, it’s really silver, gold or black—reflecting the composition material (titanium, gold…… Continue Reading…Read More →

HYT has a new version of the Skull watch around the corner, with a slightly reduced diameter and a newly designed dial: The Skull 48.8. The case has been slimmed down from 51mm to 48.8mm, perfect for more slender wrists. The skull is patinated, a finish designed to enhance itRead More →

If their name lacks recognition, it can be blamed on their youth (a spritely 11 years young in a landscape of centuries-old Swiss brands) or their limited production (just 300 watches per style), but Rebellion Timepieces is not a small brand. In fact……Read More →