25 Watercolor Paintings to Inspire

The interesting of using watercolours to bring one’s ability and an image in their head to life is a skill not as intimidating as it may pose to some. The whole idea to harmonize a room and truly captures the purpose of the artist. Source: 25 Watercolor Paintings to Inspire


Bringing Fruits to Life – Watercolour Paintings by Marija Tiurina

Marija Tiurina is a London-based illustrator & concept artist, she takes fresh fruits and vegetables and turns them into unique watercolor characters, we must say, they look absolutely magnificent! She states what inspired her the most was the mind-blowing selection of fruits and vegetables in a greengrocer in London:

Sketches at Okcheonam Temple with Lotus Lanterns

   / panoramic view of Okcheonam Temple, pencil and watercolor      / looking up the temple complex inside the gate, pencil and watercolor   Rock-carved Seated Bodhisattva in Bodogak Hall, pen and watercolor   approaching the One Pillar Gate of Okcheonam Temple, pen and watercolor   a colorful scene of the neighboring village, pen … Continue reading Sketches at Okcheonam Temple with Lotus Lanterns

Sketching on unusual paper

[by Javier de Blas in La Rioja, Spain] I just accepted Uma Kekkar FB painting challenge sketching the view from my window on the toilet paper I alwys have in my watercolor box. I like the effect, specially on backlight. Challenges remove from yourmind the monotony of everyday practices. #paintingchallenge Source: Sketching on unusual paper