Sketches at Okcheonam Temple with Lotus Lanterns

   / panoramic view of Okcheonam Temple, pencil and watercolor      / looking up the temple complex inside the gate, pencil and watercolor   Rock-carved Seated Bodhisattva in Bodogak Hall, pen and watercolor   approaching the One Pillar Gate of Okcheonam Temple, pen and watercolor   a colorful scene of the neighboring village, pen … Continue reading Sketches at Okcheonam Temple with Lotus Lanterns


Sketching on unusual paper

[by Javier de Blas in La Rioja, Spain] I just accepted Uma Kekkar FB painting challenge sketching the view from my window on the toilet paper I alwys have in my watercolor box. I like the effect, specially on backlight. Challenges remove from yourmind the monotony of everyday practices. #paintingchallenge Source: Sketching on unusual paper