White space design is a great way to grab a user’s attention, drive home a message and give an elegant user experience. Here are 10 examples you’ll want to copy White space design is a great way to grab a user’s attention, drive home a message and give an elegantRead More →


I am feeling a lot of love for photography prints lately. Anything to do with the beach, the desert, a forest, a cactus… they are filling my walls here at home. If you want a cheap way to add real life artwork to your home, then a digital download isRead More →

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Brands today face herculean challenges. They have to deliver experiences on a laundry list of social media platforms, as well as through traditional media and sales channels. And being everywhere at every moment is not enough. They also have to engage with consumers across a broad cultural, social, and political spectrum.Read More →

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Young entrepreneur and classically trained painter Dimitra Milan, is challenging traditional ideas of how artists reach and engage with collectors and audiences. How does an eighteen-year old know anything about the art establishment and marketing art? Source: 18-Year-Old Painter Stuns The Art World With Her Vibrant Paintings, Sells Them ForRead More →

the LA-based Bloody Gums Collective is taking over Superchief LA next weekend for their killer group exhibition  LA IS TRYING TO KILL ME . The exhibition, which also describes almost every moment I’ve spent in LA, is a collection of paintings, photos, and illustrations from some of our favorite artistsRead More →

Katrin Fridriks: Clearing the Air Do you find yourself adhering more to the “natural phenomena” of the process? I’ve come to the point where I know my materials and have experimented enough to be able to expect to render, to some extent. I basically work with my instinct and trustRead More →

Another house from Fixer Upper has hit the market, located “just minutes from the Silos” and with tons of built-in, established rental income. What’s the most intriguing about this listing is that you can see how the couple actually styled the home after Joanna left them to their own devicesRead More →

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TeaCode [embedded content]   TeaCode is a powerful app, created to write code super fast. Additional information TeaCode Better than snippets. Easier than macros. 😎 TeaCode extremely speeds up 🚀 code writing. It provides powerful variable-based language. The app comes with over 80 built-in expanders. Creating new ones is extremelyRead More →

Andrew Schoultz painted the now-reopened Community Skatepark in Las Vegas with The UNLV Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art and the Clark County Winchester Cultural Center. Schoultz is known for his deep connection to skateboarding, painting numerous skateparks, collaborating with skate brands, and recently painting the Skatepark of Tampa for their 2017 Tampa Am.Read More →

Portfolio of the new architecture of “Großmarkthalle Frankfurt”, 1928. Typography: Hans Leistikow. Via Nosbüsch Stucke Source: Portfolio of the new architecture of “Großmarkthalle Frankfurt”,…Read More →

When you’re decorating your bedroom, it just comes naturally to add a headboard to your wish list, right? Why not explore what your room could look like without a headboard? Whether you’re renting, on a budget, or just want something a little less conventional, you can pass on the headboardRead More →

studio fuksas has designed the winning project for the competition to construct the new gelendzhik airport in russia. the new airport will provide connections to eleven domestic destinations, including moscow, st. petersburg, kazan and yekaterinburg, and is set to become a new landmark for the area. as the city’s new gateway, it is designed to guarantee the best qualityRead More →

The European Commission announced that UK based companies and residents that own .EU ccTLDs will have to surrender those domain names after Brexit. The notice reads: As of the withdrawal date, undertakings and organisations that are established in the United Kingdom but not in the EU, and natural persons whoRead More →

Even if you have to stay and talk for an hour, stay and talk for an hour. Figure it out between you and you so you can stop getting in your own way. Source: 5 Peace of Mind Hacks Everyone Should Know. ~ Vironika Tugaleva  Read More →

Sitting on twelve acres of pristine Western prairie, this upcycled tiny house is really two salvaged shipping containers — combining one Montana architect’s wanderlust, sustainable vision, and homesickness into a modern Western retreat that he calls a “stargazer’s dream.” Architect and artist Ty Kelly told Zillow that he created theRead More →

In all likelihood, the office space you occupy doesn’t quite measure up—in any way, shape, or form—to the Washington, DC, headquarters of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). After all, modern buildings routinely expose us to conditions that may compromise our well-being, sabotage our mood, squelch our creativity, andRead More →

Lloyd, a system of storage units and bookcases, with variable geometries. A series of thin vertical wooden rods form light grids that run from top to bottom on invisible horizontal rails. Each grid can be moved as desired creating different sequences each time. Source: Lloyd by Jean Marie Massaud forRead More →

A stunning new series by French photographers Sébastien Tixier and Raphaël Bourelly. Taking its name from a style of painting that pays tribute to the path of mountains and water (immobility and motion), “Shan Shui” offers two perspectives on the same territory. Source: “Shan Shui” by Sébastien Tixier & Raphaël BourellyRead More →

Your neighbours may not agree, but yellow occasional chairs can be fun and fashionable. This colour is often overlooked in favour of patterned upholstery, soft greens or a bold red. There are many homes I visited that are just too neutral. Source: 12 Great Yellow Occasional Chairs that Bring ColorRead More →